Intellectual Responses to Information Support

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Intellectualisation can be explained as the use of information to aid development in a group of persons. This means that with the increase of knowledge comes the widespread nature of intellectualisation. This also means that the best people to accept information are intellectuals. Information usually does not come from one source. It comes from a great many sources and can only be put to good use if indeed it is protected by intellectuals. Intellectualisation ensures that there truly is a group of people in the world to achieve this feat.

How intellectualisation helps with information support

It is well known that the groups of people that can contribute effectively to any piece of information are those who have been intellectualised by another piece of information. This puts the people in the right position to effectively recommend ideas that can help better the information itself or its dissemination.

Intellectualisation also enables the world to change with the times, allowing the individuals to accept change and maximise the benefits of any change. This is what is necessary for a progressive environment.


Every institution which is set up needs the input of an intellectualised individual. Whether they are scientific centres, educational centres or simply business areas. The need for visionaries who see beyond the now, due to the amount of information available to them is not only great but fundamental as well. It is necessary that such people exist to make the positive changes in the environment. People in our nation such as the likes of Max Polyakov can be termed true intellectualised individuals who have contributed in one way or another to the development of information. Due to these visionaries, information is made better each day and thus, made easier for others to partake.


Dr. Max Polyakov is a serial entrepreneur who has founded many successful companies

Organisations such as the Association Noosphere, which Max Polyakov also co-founded is an enterprise which is truly invested in the general intellectualisation of individuals. One of Max Polyakov’s best works is the setting up of the Noosphere Engineering School. This is an educational approach to intellectualization. The main aim of the association is indeed to propagate the Noosphere agenda, which is to make known the fact that the sphere of human thought needs to be put to good use for the development of mankind as a whole. EOS is also one of the most prominent projects. Information obtained with EOS Platform of Max Polyakov (Макс Поляков) is very valuable now.

Max Polyakov talks about Intellectualisationhaving intellectualised individuals makes for a much more coherent world. Ideas can be developed and implemented with little to no human obstruction. This is the world that should be aspired to, and with the help of such powerful groups of individuals, this dream may just be achieved.

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